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Chuck's Blog December 2014 | Being Safe about Chemicals in Your Home

Lethbrige Real Estate News - December 2014


Slight slow-down in November here in Lethbridge, much to be expected as our first dose of really cold weather hits Alberta. Sales of single family homes were down 11% over November of last year but still remain 4% above 2013 year to date.  Listings of single family homes were up 15% month over month and the average single family home price is up 3% year to date at $303,098.00, and taking 73 days on average to sell. All in all it looks like 2014 will be yet another year of steady to moderate growth in Lethbridge


 Being Safe about Chemicals in Your Home


You would have to visit your local pharmacy or science lab to rival the number of potentially dangerous chemicals in the average home. You likely store everything from fertilizers and acidic cleaners to gasoline and corrosive drain openers. Obviously, it makes sense to ensure that everyone in your home uses and stores such items safely. For example, laundry detergent packs – which have become popular recently – are attractive to children. Keep them locked and out of sight. You should do the same with all laundry products. Even exposure to fabric softener pads can cause skin irritation to a child.


Always read and follow the labels on household chemical products. Use and store them as directed. Keep corrosives, such as harsh cleaners and drain openers, separate from other chemicals and in a place where, should they leak, they will cause minimal or no damage. Also, never put a chemical in anything other than its original container. You don’t want to take the chance that paint thinner stored in an old water bottle, for example, is mistaken for water!


Finally, make sure you have the phone number to your local Poison Control Center in a handy place, such as your fridge door. (You can find a list of numbers at


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